Until you’ve been blessed by the hands of New York native, Saliymah Dacosta you will never know the distinct difference between just a massage and recieving therapeutic touch, Saliymah understands how one’s body can heal through therapeutic touch and urges her clients to treat massage therapy as a necessity rather than a luxury service. Saliymah strives to bring meaning to the saying “your body is your temple” by educating her clients on the importance of proper eating and living. As a co-owner of Touch-N-Skin, she has saw herself blossom in the areas of entrepreneurship. She started out offering chair massages, but as her knowledge and business grew, she began to focus on the holistic approach of massage therapy.

This freedom has allowed her to utilize her Caribbean influences of natural healing as she teaches her clients how massage can be used as a healing mechanism. For Saliymah promoting total body wellness and having her clients buy into the idea has been rewarding.

Saliymah has proven that betting on yourself is the best bet you can make. She has stayed booked and busy with her newfound career, since taking her leap of faith and hasn’t looked back or slowed down yet.

Touch-N-Skin is a  total body wellness spa that offers the most relaxing treatments.

Saliymah- Massage Therapist

Taylor - Esthetician

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Skin Care & Massage Therapy


Resilient, passionate and purposeful are the words that come to mind when one thinks of Dallas, Texas native, Taylor Tucker. Taylor isn’t afraid of being transparent when it comes to her personal story. At one time she battled with self-esteem issues and insecurities caused by unhealthy relationships. The pressures of encompassing self-love and being confidant in herself, versus fitting societies mold of what is considered perfect, were tough battles to face at a young age.  

 In a world that is fixated on filters and quick fixes when it comes to beauty standards, Touch-N-Skin, the business co- owned and operated by Taylor teaches young women and men alike the true meaning of beauty. Taylor a licensed esthetician, since 2014, prides herself in providing services that promote healthy living as well as healthy food consumption, which in turn leads to healthy skin and emphasizes on natural beauty.

Taylor understands the importance of her past as it pertains to her future, her openness with her clients helped her realize how important it is to use your own life experiences to encourage others. In addition to serving her clients at Touch-N- Skin located at 4907 Spring Avenue Dallas, TX 75210, Taylor has began to share her story on various platforms in order to help others find healing. She understands the importance of using what was once considered pain to fuel her purpose in life.